Aussie Miracle Shine: Weekday Wonders

Hey Angels!

It only seems like yesterday that we saw you at our luscious London pamper day
in celebration of our favourite, hero-helper 3 Minute Miracle. You might remember
we got super excited about the launch of our brand new Aussie Miracle Shine range,
packed with Australian Ginseng extracts and Pearl Powdered (we’re still super
excited!) and held a one-off competition where we challenged you, in teams of 3,
to create a Shine-y, fun post about the new Aussie Shine range before anyone else
had got their hands on it! You are that special to us :)

As we expected, our superstar Angels didn’t disappoint, so much so in fact that
we wanted to share some of our favourite posts! Drum roll please…


Lily’s photo definitely perked up our day, showing that even our Miracle Shine
Shampoo is dazzled by it’s fellow team mates’ (Conditioner and 3 Minute Miracle),
not to mention some great pics from our very own Maria over at frills’n'spills
(we couldn’t forget the Aussie bathrobes!).


Frankie over at Swell Vintage showed us her luscious locks on Tuesday and as
you can imagine, we had the put on Lily’s sunglasses as we were bedazzled by the
shine! Yippee!

Wednesday – Our Winners!
Congratulations to #AussieShineWednesday

One of our personal favourites! The talented Angel trio of Lauren, Danielle and
Sarah demonstrated their creative flair with ‘An Ode to Aussie Miracle Shine’. We
just had to share it with everyone…

It’s spangly, it’s shiny
It smells like cotton candy

A wonder, a dream
It makes our locks so clean

An elixir, a hair potion
A luxuriously-fragrant lotion

It sparkles, it gleams
From behind the shower screen

With Aussie ginseng, pearl powder, too
There’s nothing better to perfect that hair do

A treat for the bath or shower, stunningly sublime
Drum roll please… it’s Aussie’s magnificent Miracle Shine!

Love Lauren, Danielle & Sarah

Simply amazing!


Sarah, Dani and Steph were the next Angels to step up to the plate. Sarah’s
blossoming Shine collection caught our attention and made us feel super
summery, with the beautiful red flowers perfect for an Aussie hair accessory!

Steph and Dani’s beautifully written summaries of the day’s event, accompanied by
aussome collections of snaps told the story with little need for words!

Steph snapped this very cosy and relaxed looking pic of the lovely Dani :)

“It’s such a hard life being an angel isn’t it’


Last but by no means least were our beautiful Angel team of Hayley, Kelly and

Hayley showed off her gleaming locks after pampering with the new Aussie range.
She even added some pearls on illusion string which is stunning!

Christina also looked fab with necklace and accompanying shine and our lovely
Kelly seems to be having a blast with her Shine goodies. “I’ve been using the range since Saturday
and have definitely found my hair is a lot shinier and smells gorgeous.”

Angels, let it SHINE!

It’s your time to Shine! xox

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Time to shine

Hey Angels

We loved seeing you at our 3 Minute Miracle pamper day on Saturday and hoped you enjoyed celebrating our hero hair helper!

Mostly, we are super excited about the launch of the newest miracle in the Aussie family:
The Miracle Shine range with Australian Ginseng and Pearl Powder (as I’m sure you’ll remember).
We can’t get enough of its new delicious “Cotton Candy” fragrance, bursting with floral and fruity scents.
We like to call it Australian SunSHINE in a bottle… Prepare to be dazzled and shine like you mean it girls!

As you know you are among the very first girls to be trying it before it hits the stores in the next few days.
Who better than our Angels to help us spread this exciting news and tell everyone about it, right?

During the pamper day, we asked you all to get into teams and pick a day of the week.
Each day this week, that team should post about the product, be it about the shininess about it or its lovely smell, or even the Australian ingredients…
but MOSTLY about your unique experience of it.

Just to refresh your memory, below are your Angel teams:

Monday- Lizzie, Lily, Maria
Tuesday- Frankie, Lucy, Kristabel
Wednesday- Lauren H, Sarah W, Danielle
Thursday- Sarah F, Stephanie, Dani
Friday- Hayley, Kelly, Christine

The team that creates the most posts and creative pics on social platforms (twitter, blogs, Pinterest, facebook !) using the hashtag #AussieShineMonday (or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday… you get the picture!) will win a SHINEy Aussie hair voucher prize.

All team members need to post to be eligible, check out our T&Cs for more detail on how to win.
We can’t wait to read about what our new Miracle Shine does to your luscious locks!

Time to shine Angels! xo

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#AussieSummerSizzle weekend

Hey Angels,

Now, as I am sure you all remember we recently ran our #AussieSummerSizzle competition to see who could host the most aussome party. The winner was Danielle @sunshinesprkle who dazzled us with the amazing blog post of her party with her cheerleading team. Check out her Pinterest board too for some #AussieSummerSizzle inspiration!
The prize was a VIP weekend at the Boardmasters Festival in Newquay with a surf lesson for our Aussie babes. We thought you might like to hear what we got up to in Newquay…

We arrived to a beautifully sunny Cornish day and found our way to the VIP camping area – check out the amazing teepee Danielle and the girls stayed in.

The girls arrived to find surprise gifts from Aussie – some of our lush limited edition Summer products, Aussie beach towels, Aussie tees and Aussie beach bags. What more could you need for a surfing and festival weekend?!

On Saturday, the girls did their first ever surfing lesson. It wasn’t the best day for the surf, according to the surf instructors, but the Aussie babes tackled the waves with their usual Aussie attitude!

After riding the waves the girls were in need of a little Aussie love and care for their hair, which is where the Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance leave-in conditioner came to the rescue!
And we tracked down a hair stylist who could tame their locks and transform them into glam goddesses for the night ahead…

All glammed up and ready to go, Team Aussie hit the festival to listen to sample the musical delights of Ed Sheeran and finished the weekend off with an aussome finale from the one and only Dizzee Rascal.

Hope this hasn’t made you all too jealous! There’ll be plenty more Aussie fun coming soon, so keep an eye on the Aussie blog and we’ll be seeing you soon!


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#AussieSummerSizzle winner!

Angels! We’ve been amazed by the quality of your party entries and have had an incredibly hard time picking the lucky Angel that will be joining us in Newquay for an aussome weekend of sun, sea, surfing and of course gorgeous hair!

We’re pleased to announce that the winner is… (drum roll please)

Danielle @ sunshinesprkle

You can check out her fab entry here We loved seeing what Danielle got up to with her cheerleading squad Team Rainbow and especially loved the big hair and super cute Aussie cheer bow!

Thanks again for all your entries, we’ve really enjoyed seeing what you got up to all in the name of an Aussie sizzling summer! xo

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Well well well Angels, have we got a treat in store for you!

To celebrate the launch of our limited edition sizzling summer bottles we are taking a handful of lucky Angels and their friends to this aussome surf and music festival on the beach in Newquay from the 10th – 12th August! You’ll be staying in an incredible VIP tipi, with VIP tickets to the festival, surf lessons and of course the whole weekend to soak up the sun (fingers crossed) and hang out with Aussie!

“Now how do I get my hands on these tickets?!” I  hear you cry… It’s really very simple.

All we want you to do is party. That’s it!

  • Host an Aussie themed party
  • Show us what you got up to via Pinterest (probably the loveliest way to share, don’t you think?), Twitter and your blog – the most creative and exciting post wins
  • Include the hash tag #AussieSummerSizzle
  • Be creative!

Extra points will be awarded to those of you that

  • Share a picture of your team #AussieSummerSizzle
  • Post a cool photo via Instagram of your limited edition bottle and tweet it to us using the hash tag #AussieSummerSizzle
  • Discover or conjure up the next best Aussie Shampoo ingredient (natural or supernatural!)
  • Upload a list of your tracks that would keep your tipi rocking at the surf festival
  • Capture a pic of your sizzling summer bottle in its best surrounding
  • Create the most Aussome volume hairstyle!
  • Show us your most yummy treat … how about a mouth watering cupcake or a delicious Pina Colada?
  • Show us a pic of you rocking out a surf dance move
  • Get creative with your summer sizzling pack and snap the best look using all your goodies!
  • Sign off your Aussome Angel post with your very own creation of an Aussome Angel blogger badge!

The closing date is 26th July 2012 and you can find the terms and conditions here :)

Good luck Angels!

Holly xo

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